Initab The New Tab Extension for Developers

Replace your browser's new tab page with a dashboard of useful tools to make your job as a programmer easier.

About Initab

Initab is a New Tab Extension for developers that offers a solution to continually having too many tabs open. It also offers several useful tools to make your job as a developer easier with a quick view of your GitHub or GitLab Issue activity, Stack Overflow activity, and much more…

Available for Chrome

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Initab Extension Features

Getting started with Initab is easy. Open the SETTINGS panel and configure your preferences. CUSTOM LINKS are a popular (optional) feature that you might consider activating. Simply add some valid URLs to the CUSTOM LINKS section in the SETTINGS panel. The DATE & TIME section then gets replaced with your custom links. Don’t forget to try the optional TAB LIMITING feature. It automatically keeps your browser tabs limited to the number you choose by closing older tabs. Some like it, some don’t…so be careful.

GitHub Issue/PR Activity

Do you find yourself constantly hunting around for the GitHub Issue or Pull Request you're currently working on? Initab pulls your GitHub activity directly from your history, so you don't have to worry about closing the tab associated with that issue and/or pull request. Simply open a new tab and you'll see the item right there in your GitHub Issue/PR Activity.

GitLab Support

Oh, you don't use GitHub? You're more of the GitLab type, huh? Well, Initab has you covered! Quickly toggle between GitHub and GitLab as your preferred Issue and Pull/Merge Request tracker.

Stack Overflow History

Whoops! You accidentally closed the tab with the Stack Overflow answer that could help you out of the mess you’re in… Don’t worry, Initab has you covered there too. Click this button to toggle the Stack Overflow panel which is populated with all of your recent S.O. history.

Relevant History

Cover all your browser history bases with the RELEVANT HISTORY section. Do you want to see articles or blog posts you've visited related to a specific technology? Add a keyword in the RELEVANT HISTORY section in the SETTINGS panel.

Reddit Feed

Do you have a favorite SubReddit for the technology you love to work with? Add your preferred r/… in the SETTINGS panel, in order to keep tabs on whats going on in Reddit today.


Do you need quick access to your commonly used code snippets that you have available in your Gist account? Simply enter your GitHub username and Initab will fetch all public Gists related to your account.

Trending Repos

Keep up to date with the hot new GitHub repos for the technology that you’re interested in. Trending New Repos fetches the most starred GitHub repositories that were created in the last month.


A simple note taking feature that persists in Local Storage. This feature is also great for keeping track of your "ToDo's".

2 Beautiful Themes To Choose From!

Initab offers a dark and a light theme inspired by the development environments and text editors or IDE’s you’re used to working in on a daily basis.


An absolutely beautiful dark theme, inspired by

Initab - Dracula Theme
Initab - Base16 PaperColor Light Theme

Base16 PaperColor Light

A lovely light colored theme, inspired by